Coral Reef by Tinybop

Role: Product Manager
Launch: February 2018
Available: iOS, Web (coming soon)
Platform: Unity

I was tasked with shipping the first product for both web and iOS. The web product would be available for educators to use as a resource for ecology units. We transformed the curriculum so that it was NGSS-aligned and easy for teachers to use, while also maintaining delightful features for mobile users.

During the initial launch week (February 2018), the app rose to #2 Kids iPad App in the US.

Featured Review: Common Sense Media

“Coral Reef by Tinybop is a quality coral reef ecosystem app that's a no-brainer for young explorers!”

I organized a team field trip to the AMNH to view the Jellyfish and Cuban Coral Reef exhibits

iPad screenshot from the Peacock Mantis Shrimp scene

iPad screenshot from the Box Jellyfish scene

More info on Coral Reef here
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v2.0 (work samples, prototypes coming soon)