News and Awards ︎

2018/ BolognaRagazzi Best Digital Award, Non-Fiction, Mammals by Tinybop
2018/ Washington Post, How to help kids create media, not just consume it, Me by Tinybop
2017 / Japan Prize, International Finalist, Mammals by Tinybop
2017 / New Learning Times, Mammals by Tinybop
2017/ Smallish Magazine Best Children's App Award, Mammals by Tinybop
2017/, 19 Apps to Inspire Creativity, Me by Tinybop
2017 / Children’s Technology Review, Review Video, Mammals by Tinybop
2017 / School Library Journal, What do a Bat and Kangaroo have in Common?, Mammals by Tinybop
2017 / Apple's App Store Essential Award, Mammals by Tinybop
2017 / Product Hunt, Mammals by Tinybop
2017 /, Mammals by Tinybop
2017 / Macworld, Mammals by Tinybop
2017 / How to Pick Kids Apps for the Summer, NPR, Me by Tinybop
2017 / The Horn Book, App Review, Mammals by Tinybop
2017 /, Mammals by Tinybop
2017/ Apps that Highlight Diversity, USA TODAY
2016 / Common Sense Media Review, Me by Tinybop
2016 / An App to Teach Empathy, Fast Co Design, Me by Tinybop
2016 / Geeks with Juniors Review, Me by TInybop
2016 / Children’s Technology Review, Me by Tinybop
2016 / School Libary Journal, Me by Tinybop
2016 / Product Hunt, Me by Tinybop
2016 /, Me by Tinybop
2016 / Macworld, Me by Tinybop
2016 /, Me by Tinybop
2016/ Webby Award Winner, Best KIDS Mobile Site & App: Sesame Street Makes Music
2016/ Editor's Choice Award: Children's Technology Review: Sesame Street Makes Music
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