Coral Reef by Tinybop

Role: Product Manager
Launch: February 2018
Available: iOS, Web (coming soon)
Platform: Unity

I was tasked with shipping the first product for both web and iOS. The web product would be available for educators to use as a resource for ecology units. We transformed the curriculum so that it was NGSS-aligned and easy for teachers to use, while also maintaining delightful features for mobile users.

During the initial launch week (February 2018), the app rose to #2 Kids iPad App in the US.

Featured Review: Common Sense Media

“Coral Reef by Tinybop is a quality coral reef ecosystem app that's a no-brainer for young explorers!”

I organized a team field trip to the AMNH to view the Jellyfish and Cuban Coral Reef exhibits

iPad screenshot from the Peacock Mantis Shrimp scene

iPad screenshot from the Box Jellyfish scene

More info on Coral Reef here
Mammals by Tinybop

Role: Product Manager
Launch Date: March 2017
Available: iOS, Web (coming soon)
Awards: App Store Essential (Apple)

Tinybop wanted to build on the popularity of their first app, The Human Body with a title focused on animal anatomy. Fusing new iOS technology with updated animation techniques on Unity and Blendr, and drawing on young learners' fascination with animals -- we began concepting for the app in October 2017.

Nneka leading a team whiteboarding session for the Sloth Update.

Mammals is No. 9 in Tinybop’s award-winning Explorer’s Library Series. The Explorers Library is a growing series of sandbox apps designed to give kids a deeper understanding of the world around them. With this app, kids play and learn how mammals eat, see, run, fly, grow, and feel.

Mammals by Tinybop on Vimeo.

I was involved with every part of development; from original concepting and brainstorming to product release and updates on iOS.
Me: A Kid’s Diary by Tinybop

Role: Product Manager
Launch: November 2016
Available: iOS
Unity, Blendr

Me is No. 5 in Tinybop’s award-winning Digital Toys Series. Each Digital Toy app is an open-ended construction kit for kids to build, test, and play. Kids develop creative-thinking, problem-solving, and storytelling skills.
Here I am figuring out system for organizing the 450+ prompts that appear in the app using sticky notes.

Me by Tinybop on Vimeo.

Games: Abby’s Smoothie Maker, Big Bird’s Basketball, Saving with Elmo (localized), Bouncy Elmo’s Castle
Developers: Primal Screen, WorkinMan
What: HTML5 game
Role: Associate Producer

I worked with a Senior Producer to concept and outline game logic for RFP, worked with the research team to develop protocols for playtesting and learning goals, and worked with the QA team to make sure the game was ready to launch.

Reading Adventures (Sesame Street)

Role: Lead Producer
Launch: April 2016
Available: Web

5 interactive storybooks teaching kids over 30 key words in both english and spanish!

Hi, Mom!
v2.0 (work samples, prototypes coming soon)